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Window to the Past

This image was taken at Steamtown in Scranton Pennsylvania. It is an image of a weathered passenger train car sitting in a railyard. This car once a proud piece of rolling stock for some railroad is long past it's former glory. One has to wonder who might have been a passenger in past days, where ther were going and what dreams they might have had.

Welcome to Reflective Images. Here is the place to find my collection of photographic images. I shoot primarily digital images these days. However I still shoot a fair amount of film, both negative and transparancy. I enjoy creating multiple exposure images, which are best done either by sandwiching transparancies or by multiple exposures on a single frame of film.

I am also pleased to offer a full range of Wedding Photography services. If you are looking for a good wedding photographer, please click here.

I use a Canon 10d for most of my digital images. I also use a Canon D30 which has been converted to a full time infrared digital camera. My film bodies include an EOS 1, which is well suited for film infrared use and a Canon Elan 7. I also shoot panoramics with a Hasselblad Xpan II.

Now sit back and enjoy my photos. Click on any of the buttons on the left to see a collection of galleries on that subject.

I'll be adding new work on a regular basis. Please come back often and check out what's new. If you have any comments on this site or on my work, or would like to purchase any of these photographs, please feel free to send me an email. If you are interested in purchasing any of my work, just click on the Purchase Info button below the image you are interested in. You will be taken to a page that displays matting and framing options along with a price list. All prints are hand signed. 8X10 and larger print sizes are limited edition prints, limited to 100 of each size.

What's new at Reflective Images

4/5/2005 Updated Show Schedule
4/5/2005 Added new images to the Black and White, Buildings, Nature and General galleries
3/12/2005 Rebuilt entire web site. Added many new images and added a section for Wedding Photography

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